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Rough weather for the Amazon cloud April 22, 2011

Posted by Graham Sumioka in General, Technology.
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Rough weather continues as a portion of Amazon’s web servers are still on the fritz.

Amazon is best known for their online retail presence, but yesterday a technical issue inside the Amazon Web Services (AWS) department has shown how critical server reliability is when multiple high traffic sites are supported in the cloud. As of 3pm (PST) today the AWS Service Health Dashboard still showed problems affecting the data center located in north Virginia. Well over 100 sites were affected including familiar names such as Reddit, Foursquare, Evite, Quora, Kickstarter, and Hootsuite. The afore mentioned sites have backup servers up and running, but many smaller sites are still inaccessible. To see a complete list of those affected go to http://ec2disabled.com.

What to take away as a consumer

My world didn’t come to a screeching halt following the Amazon server outage (I actually didn’t even notice until a friend brought it to my attention), but it did get me thinking about how and where some of my own information is maintained, and how I access it. (more…)

Twitter on demand April 5, 2011

Posted by Graham Sumioka in General, Technology.
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Tired of missing out on the Twitter chatter during a TV show or event while you are away? No problem. Thanks to TweePlayer, select Twitter streams will be available on demand so that you can sync them up with your other on demand media such as a sporting event or awards show and play them both from the start of the action.

I enjoy all my various forms of media, but I don’t like being tied down by it. The only component of my cable bill that I don’t gripe about is my DVR service, and apparently others agree with me. According to a friend of mine responsible for media buying, “DVR (which includes TiVO) has grown 90% from May 2007 to May 2010, [and] the current DVR penetration is about 40%.” (more…)

That Kraft Mac & Cheese, so hot right now March 9, 2011

Posted by Graham Sumioka in Marketing, Technology.
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The ad agency Crispin Porter & Bogusky has created a novel campaign to generate buzz around a product that has seen little change since it was originally boxed by Kraft back in 1937. By starting up a simple game of jinx, and implementing a basic advocate reward system that blue boxed dinner from our childhood was a top trending topic on Twitter yesterday. (more…)

Partner programs coming soon to a Facebook Page near you February 22, 2011

Posted by Graham Sumioka in Branding, Channel Sales Impact, Channel Trends, Marketing, Technology.
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A couple of weeks ago Facebook made some very interesting updates to Pages. If you manage a page for your company you have no doubt noticed that the look and feel resembles your personal one, but this is nothing compared to two changes that set the stage for significant b2b interaction.

You can now interact on Facebook as an entity (assuming you are an admin for the Page), and as of March 11 of this year Facebook will require you to use an iframe if you wish to create a custom tab. A company Facebook Page will now be a window to rich and dynamic content hosted directly by the company itself.

E-commerce is of course the juggernaut Facebook is wooing with this move, but partner program portals are obvious candidates to make the jump as well. Currently, company specific partner portals operate as mini networks found through links scattered in random places on websites. Along with great content they need traffic and engagement to continue to live and grow. Time, attention spans, password retention, etc. are all things that can prevent company partner portals from thriving these days.

Enter the recent Facebook changes. Now those companies (and their content filled partner portals) have access to all of the traffic and engagement they can handle with the 500 million plus active users on Facebook. It may not be as easy as shooting fish in a barrel, but at least you know where the barrel is (and psst – it’s really full). If you could interact with a company in exactly the same way on their Facebook page would you do that over going to their dedicated website?


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